"Your workshops have enabled us to not only hire the best talent,
but we've also been equipped to cultivate a thriving organizational culture."
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The PDP® Professional Certification course is an in-depth learning experience that provides the knowledge and skills for using the PDP Integrated Management System. 


It is designed to cover the fundamental concepts of understanding people's behavior based on PDP's extensive and valid research and analysis. The focus will be on proven behavioral applications that will meet your organizational needs.

Leverage Your Strengths


Leverage Your Strengths is our foundational program. In this full-day session, senior leaders and their core team will learn their unique, natural strengths, pressures that impact their natural style, how they are preceived to others, as well as the traits and styles of others.

This highly interactive session will have each participant gain leadership awareness and will enhance their ability to optimize employee engagement.

High Performance Team

This workshop is designed to help you realize and leverage your team's full potential to attain goals that would otherwise be impossible to reach under command-and-control. We will teach you how to align behaviors for optimal results. 

Each participant quickly gains knowledge of how their behavior impacts their roles, their teams, and the company every day. This workshop is guaranteed to bring awareness and acceptance of individual strengths, build trust, cultivate accountability, and increase team synergy.


Bridging the Gap of Communication


Statements like, "That's not what I meant," or "You misunderstood me" are a common expression in daily dialog. Figuring out what others are trying to say can be difficult. Add an element of frustration or exuberance and the misunderstanding escalates. 

Mastering the art of communication begins with bridging the communication gap between speaker and audience. This interactive session will give you the understanding, tools, and application needed to bridge the gap of communication that yield long-term results.