What many CEOs have in common, and what the solution is to overcome it

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

CEOs and leaders are encumbered with numerous responsibilities. Setting goals, clearly defining their organization’s vision, directing the operations…and the list goes on. But what’s their biggest challenge? What concerns them most? What’s the persistent thorn in their side that keeps chipping away at their profits?

We asked key leaders and CEOs in various industries to tell us what their

#1 challenge was. Financial teams, property management companies, public service organizations, and more shared the same agonizing challenge - selecting and retaining the right people. Read some of their responses to see if you relate.

“If only we could hire the right people to begin with, we wouldn’t have to spend so much time putting out fires.”

“Our onboarding process would be more successful if we got the right people to begin with. We have people that aren’t even making it out of the bullpen.”

“There’s so much conflict among the people on my team that we aren’t able to generate new business. They’re too busy fighting with each other than being productive to make sales.”

“It’s exhausting to spend so much time interviewing and hiring only to have who we hired to not even show up to his first day of work.”

Leaders know that employees are the heartbeat of every organization. They understand that most of their problems aren’t due to their systems, tools or processes. They recognize that the attitudes, beliefs and morale of the employees are what drives – or stops –organizational growth, but many don’t know what the solution is to this pervasive problem?

The solution is to hire the right talent.

Rather than solicit new employees based on qualifications alone, choose to select those who mesh with the position instead. Ask yourself the following questions and determine the answers before you select your next new hire.

Then, and only then, hire the right talent.

Questions to ask yourself:

- What type of person is needed for this position?

- What characteristics of a person would serve this role best?

- What type of decision-making style is needed?

- How much natural energy would a person need to sustain?

These are but a few questions to answer before you consider your next new hire. Think of your own questions and add them to this list. Once you have the right questions, you’re on your way to hiring the right talent.

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