Veterans Day - A day to honor selfless sacrifice

From special events and social media posts to special deals and discounts, people from across the country take the initiative on November 11th to show their support for those who’ve served to protect our freedoms and our great country.

Whether it be a social media post of thanksgiving, a free meal offered by a local restaurant, or an organized event, people across our great nation make a determined effort to convey respect, honor, and appreciation for those who served.

But this Veterans Day, like so much more in 2020, is quite different than it has been in the past. Cemeteries that normally are decorated with red, white and blue are barren of American flags. Traditional ceremonies are canceled. Quiet parades of military vehicles are void of spectators. Vulnerable veterans are bunkered down in their homes, keeping themselves safe from COVID-19.

Veterans Day is a time to express gratitude to those who served. It’s a time to honor the selfless sacrifice others gave to protect our freedoms and our country. It’s a time to pay tribute. Cemeteries may not be decorated to the extent they have been in the past, and physical events may have moved to a somber virtual experience, but the gratitude in our heart will always exist.

What good has come from 2020? It’s fueled creativity. As you’ve made pivots to what was once your normal, be encouraged with our own originality and create new ways to communicate your gratitude.

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