Updated: Aug 5, 2020

7 Tips To Become A Better Veteran Friendly Employer

The Department of Veterans affairs projects that in just a few short years there will be more than 3.5 million veterans in the civilian workforce.

With so many skilled and educated veterans looking for civilian careers, it’s important to get prepared to understand how to become a better veteran friendly employer. Following are seven things you can do to be veteran friendly:

1. Learn the value that skilled veterans bring to the civilian workplace

2. Know the myths and facts of military leaders

3. Bridge the gap of communication through understanding their communication style

4. Know the six civilian in-demand skills that are enhanced by military service

5. Discover what veterans and millennials have in common and why it’s important

6. Design a plan to successfully integrate veterans into your workforce

7. Deploy action to cultivate a Culture of Opportunities that lead to meaningful Results and Excellence

Do you want to learn more about the value veterans bring to the civilian workplace and how you can get prepared to be a veteran friendly employer? If so, request a free consultation here.