The Veteran to Employer Connection - Investing in Military Talent

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Veterans are valuable assets to any employer because their military training has equipped them with skills and leadership traits that benefit the civilian workplace. They come with a broad range of talents including organizational skills, a team-oriented mindset, and an attitude to be accountable to the leader.

These pre-packaged qualities can save an employer a significant amount of resources and the commitment veterans have to their team can drastically reduce typical turnover rates.

Investing in military talent isn’t simply hiring and onboarding a veteran into your organization. For a successful retention of veterans, the employer must invest in

  • understanding the veteran mindset

  • assist them to reach their full potential as a member of the team

  • help them to adjust to the civilian workplace

  • build a military-friendly culture

Creating a veteran mentor program within your organization can not only help the veterans you hire, but also bridge the gap of understanding between veterans and civilian employees.

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