The Veteran to Employer Connection - 7 Reasons to Onboard Veterans

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Veterans make good employees and companies can benefit greatly by hiring them. Beginning in basic training, they know what it means to put in a hard day’s work. From early on in their military career, they come to appreciate the challenges presented to them in any given day, accomplishing far beyond what they believed they could achieve. They become experts in multiple skills, often cross-training into additional fields.


  • Mission-driven - The military is all about the mission. Veterans take this mission-driven mindset into the civilian workplace, dedicating themselves to their job.

  • Able to accept change and adapt quickly. Veterans have been trained to perform well under pressure.

  • Possess a strong work ethic. They believe hard work and diligence adds value and strengthens character.

  • Creative problem-solvers. They faced problems that required a mental process of searching for the right solution.

  • Able to interact with a diverse workforce. Many veterans were stationed in foreign countries where they had to learn to interact with different cultures.

  • Great leadership skills. Leadership development is a constant process in the military.

  • Great team players. The military is all about the team effort. The mission doesn’t succeed without the team working well together.

With about 200,000 service members transitioning out of the U.S. military each year, there’s an exceptional talent pool that’s worth tapping into. The broad spectrum of skills and knowledge they offer can greatly enhance your organization.

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