Mission to Serve - Making a Difference

The military equips people to engage with a mission that’s bigger than self. It teaches them how to be more than they thought they could ever be. For some it births a passion, for others it adds fuel to what’s already on fire. For Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz, each day comes with more fuel to keep her passion burning.

Lt. Col. (Ret) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz’s desire in joining the military was to serve her country and make a difference. To use her own words when asked what motivated her to join the military she said, “I have always been a proud American who wants to do my part to strengthen democracy.” The educational, travel and physical fitness opportunities were simply an added bonus to the leadership training she would receive.

During the 29 years in Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and IMA, Kathy served in nursing, public affairs and was the Public Affairs Sexual Assault Response Coordinator and Community Affairs Manager. She recalls her most rewarding experience in the military was “building a never-been-done-before statewide outreach office for the Ohio National Guard in response to 9/11.” Its purpose was to educate and engage civilians in support of troops and their families.

Balancing work demands with roles of wife and mother was her greatest challenge. To overcome she not only worked hard, but she was intentional to keep in mind and act upon what was most important in the day that was before her.

Kathy’s greatest challenge in transitioning into civilian life was learning the skills needed to build a small business. As each day presented challenges, Kathy’s persistence to overcome awarded her the victory she sought to have. Through Vanguard Veteran, Kathy continues to make a difference. She equips civilians to become Veteran Champions, helps employers acquire and retain veteran talent, and supports volunteer faith community leaders develop Veteran Connection ministries. Using the leadership skills, she obtained throughout her military career, Kathy also provides leadership and professional development training.

The retired Lieutenant Colonial has a passion to make a difference and she believes the greatest challenge for transitioning veterans is to find what they are passionate about. Her advice for them is to “think well before separation what you’re passionate about, invest in personal and professional development to bring life to your passion, and network consistently and often.

Kathy’s wisdom isn’t just for transitioning veterans. She encourages employers to “learn about the military culture, develop a grassroots veteran talent pipeline, build a veteran specific onboarding program, and incorporate an employee resource group.” When you do, Kathy says, “you will be a Veteran-Ready employer!”

Kathy says, “Most Americans love our military, but most don’t understand military culture, their experiences, or know how to best support them or their families.” Through her just-released book, Beyond ‘Thank You for Your Service:’ The Veteran Champion handbook for civilians, she helps civilians understand how to support those who defend freedom.

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