Make a Better Human Connection


Have you ever sat on a bench in a busy mall and took notice of how people walk by each other and never say a word to who they pass by? Have you ever stepped into an elevator and go up several floors with everyone’s eyes fixated on their shoes or be mesmerized by light above the door showing which floor you just passed by?

Let’s face it, many of us have been living distant from one another and it’s time to make a better human connection.

This past year has imposed greater challenges for human connection. Venues that were once filled with people are now infiltrated with signs commanding social distancing. Face-to-face conversation is now replaced with digital platforms and muffled voices behind face-covered masks.

Regardless of the ongoing challenges, we must learn to make a better human connection. We each have an important role to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We each have the privilege to create a positive impact. We each have the opportunity to be creative with the person we are to make a better human connection with those we come in contact with.

If there’s been anything good as a result of COVID-19, I would say it’s been an opening of eyes to see the need to make a better human connection.

Remember, everything you say and do in this life matters. Every word and action leave a mark. Choose to add an extra does of love to every word and action in these challenging times. Your kind word or gesture delivered into the life of another could change the world around you

image courtesy of Pexels - Pixabay