Learning to Navigate the New Workforce Terrain

Look Beyond the Resume

Something unique about being in the military was that I was a walking resume. A quick look and someone could distinguish where I fit in the military organizational structure, the amount of responsibility I had, and the pay grade I received. It gave a visual of what branch I served, what team I belonged to, and what accomplishments I made. Each uniform revealed the hierarchy of authority. This silently spoke how we were to communicate with each other, and the amount of respect was expected to be given.

My uniform was a picture of who I was, where I belonged, and the purpose I had. Now, as a proud veteran integrating into the civilian workplace, I no longer wear the uniform that silently speaks of who I am.

As I navigate the civilian workforce and learn to communicate the value I will bring, I hope you’ll look beyond my resume and engage in conversation. The dialogue we share will reveal my desire to align myself with a new purpose that will be mutually beneficial to myself and the organization I will serve. It will also reveal much more than a one-page resume could ever possibly show.

by a Transitioning Veteran

image courtesy Deposit Photos