Know Your People Better, Quicker

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

You Can't Motivate Who You Don't Know

by Susan D. Swafford

Today’s workforce is radically different than it has been in the past. Baby boomers are exiting, and millennials and military veterans are filling the gap. These two groups of people have something in common – they both want fulfillment and significance in their work, and they want understanding and dialog.

The days of command and control to manage people in the civilian workforce no longer works. The high turnover rate in many industries is a clear indicator of this, and an expensive one at that. Adjustments to the old way of leading is critical to retain valuable talent in today’s relational workforce.

It’s to the Leaders’ benefit and survival of the organization to address the human element. People are relational beings. They spend a significant amount of their day at work. Leaders, managers, supervisors and team leads have an amazing opportunity to reach beyond the daily tasks and breathe life into the people who are assigned the tasks. We all want an engaged workforce, but it takes engaged leadership to cultivate desired unity.

You may be thinking to yourself right now that there isn’t enough time in the day to meet each person on an individual level. I certainly agree with the time shortage given the enormous responsibilities each day is overpacked with. Leaders barely have enough time to have dialogue with their families, never mind having to carve out 30-minute one-on-one conversations with employees.

Am I suggesting that you should spread yourself thinner than you already are or carve away more personal time so that you can get to know your people better? Absolutely not!

I’m proposing that you use the time more intentionally and efficiently. While you can’t create more hours in the day, you can implement tools to know your people better, quicker. CORE Advantage, LLC empowers you to do just that. Our Core Metrics enables you to know the personal dynamics of an individual, how each person best fits in your team, the individual motivators, and the key language for effective communication between you and your listener – all of which builds a better relational bridge.

You can’t motivate who you don’t know. If you want an engaged workforce and retain your key talent, you must get to know your people better, quicker.

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