Happy Father's Day!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Communication isn't just about words

Father’s Day is day set aside on the third Sunday in June as celebration to honor fathers, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. There’s no set tradition as to how it’s celebrated. Many give gifts, send cards, and have family barbeques. Often dads across the country receive that all familiar long, narrow box and they know just what’s tucked inside – another bold tie that will cause personal embarrassment if worn in public.

The range of traditions are vast, but the motivations are the same - taking deliberate action to honor fathers and father-figures in their lives. It’s a form of communication, one individual uniquely expressing to another the gratitude, honor, respect and love he or she has for the contribution and impact the father has made in their life.

This nationally recognized celebration was inspired by a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd whose father raised six children by himself after the death of his wife. Sonora felt her father deserved to be recognized for what he did, so she pushed for the celebration. The first Father’s Day was held in 1910 and it became officially recognized as a holiday in 1972.

Communication isn’t just about words. It’s about body language and actions and is key to producing and maintaining good relationships. Depending on the situation, one small gesture can build a bridge to a strained relationship. One kind word can diffuse an argument. One silly looking tie can produce laughter. One embrace can tell someone you care.

On this Father’s Day, look to see who you can Lean In with and build a stronger communication connection.

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