Employee Engagement - It's More Than A Buzz Word

Employee engagement is necessary for the success of any organization. Challenges and solutions vary among businesses because no two organizations are the same. Due to the impact of Covid-19, one thing that all organizations have found to be necessary in the engagement of their employees is the need to level up their communication.

Communication is critical and when done correctly, consistently, and often, it has the ability to enhance employee engagement. It provides opportunity to know and understand your employees better - their strengths, individual motivators, communication styles, etc. Leaders and managers can then build from that knowledge to accomplish the mission and goals of the organization more effectively and efficiently.

Knowing what makes your people tick, how life is impacting them, and giving them a reason to come to work fosters a better workplace culture, which in turn has shown to enhance employee engagement.

Stef du Plessis, a thought leader in employee engagement, advises leaders with some sound advice. He says that "if leaders want their employees to buy-in to their mission, values, and goals, then it's up to the leader to give the people a reason to come to work."

Employee engagement is more than a buzz word. It's making a concerted effort to understand the most important part of your organization - the people - and then setting them up to succeed.

When that happens, it's a win for everyone!