7 Success Drivers for Sustainable Team Engagement

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

by Susan D. Swafford

Companies that intentionally build their team engagement effectively see a stronger connection to each other and to the organization’s goals, greater motivation, increased morale, and a significant decrease in turnover. Here are seven success drivers for sustainable team engagement.

TRUST – Trust is the foundation of genuine success and is built as individuals’ value each other’s strengths, skills, and contributions and as they communicate with openness, truth, and understanding. Trust produces faster results, deeper relationships, and a stronger bottom line.

COMMITMENT – It’s critical that top-tier leadership commits to fully engage the teams they lead. Equally important is the commitment of managers and team leaders to embrace organizational change and individual and team growth.

RESPECT – For the team to perform at its best, everyone, with his or her unique combination of characteristics, must be understood, valued, developed, and empowered. Respect and appreciation are cultivated as the natural and learned abilities that determine how each person thinks, acts, communicates, and accomplishes goals are understood and embraced.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Perceptions are the personal view of others, work expectations, resources, clarity of direction, environment, and skills. Perceptions generate and fuel attitudes. Attitudes are the internal response to perceptions and experience and are key to how one treats others and completes work. Attitudes produce actions. Accountability holds each other responsible for conduct.

UNITY – A culture of unity produces loyalty to the team and organization’s purpose, to each other, and to performance results.

RESULTSThe anticipated results are achieved through the exceptional teamwork of productive, fulfilled, accountable team members who are committed to each other and to the success of the group.

ASSESSMENT – Continued evaluation and assessment of progress for the successful alignment and positive impact.

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