Project 8:28

Transformational Leadership
for Christian Leaders & Organizations
who are passionate about leading women to freedom, hope, and purpose

Broken from Silence /


/ Leaders

Christian Leaders are equipped with biblical insight and practical application to better understand and help women journey through the healing process after abortion and lead them to freedom, hope, and purpose.

Called to Bloom

Weekend Retreat

We partner with Christian Leaders and organizations in a weekend retreat format. We utilize the power and insight of the living and active Word of God to deliver actionable principles that ignite strength in God, healing by the Holy Spirit, and purpose through Jesus Christ.

Transformational  Leadership Insights

We provide transformational training and tools with proven precision insight to transform relationships, bridge the gap in communication, and build stronger, more connected teams.

Unleashed for others

for a vertical impact

Unleashed for others is a proven process and interactive workshop that provides the path to understand yourself and others better, lead to better relationships, and empower women to show up authentic and confident.