Empowering and Inspiring Training Programs that Build
Stronger, More Connected Teams

Unlock Your Leadership Capacity

Greater effectiveness is the result from self-awareness. Each person is unique, with a basic style that they best function at when there is freedom to respond in a completely natural way. Participants gain precision insight of their “true self.”

Unleash the Strengths of Your Team

Unleash the Strengths of Your Team is a workshop designed for leaders and key employees to identify and measure styles of behavior, leadership, decision making, and communication. This session cultivates team awareness and enhances the ability to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Veteran Friendly Employer 101

The Department of Veterans affairs projects that in just a few short years there will be more than 3.5 million veterans in the civilian workforce. With so many skilled and educated veterans looking for civilian careers, it’s important to get prepared to understand how to become a veteran friendly employer.

Bridging the Gap of Communication

The goal of the Bridging the Gap of Communication is to build a bridge of understanding between people that result in meaningful, productive, and high-value interaction.

Why People Respond the Way They Do and What to Do About it

The systems and processes within an organization are complex. Leaders would never implement a system that they first didn't understand. But few understand the natural bent their people have in the way they communicate. They have even less understanding of why they respond the way they do. Backup styles are an individual's last resort to get results. Understanding people's natural communication styles and the adjustments they make, empowers the leader to overcome communication barriers and build better teams

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