PDP Behavioral Surveys


is a system that measures the dynamics​ of an individual, the job and the team through focusing on strengths.

PDP's original research was based on statistical analysis and was conducted using a population of working adults. The research found that each individual was comprised of three distinct profiles - pictures of the self:

The real, true person

Pressures being experienced

Projected persona



is a non-threatening, quick, easy survey instrument that accurately assess a person's basic and preferred workstyle.


ProScan® focuses on the strengths and motivators to assist employers cultivate a culture that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale.

JobScan® defines a position in terms of behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed at the job.

The statistical job modeling process matches people to the position, increases hiring success and job satisfaction, and decreases turnover.


gives meaningful help and knowledge about the ways that groups of people can combine their strengths and work together to accomplish a goal.


TeamScan® predicts group interactions, measures team performance, and identifies culture in concrete terms.

A Proven Management System
for the selection, motivation, and retention of people

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