What's holding your team back from Delivering Better Results?

We remove the frustration out of employee engagement and turn the headache of building stronger, more connected teams into a predictable and scalable system.

3-D Strategy Plan

A plan that's built around your needs, just as it should be.

"Susan Swafford had a remarkable ability to coach people to a preferred future of greather success and achievement. Her proven system provides the framework that can help anyone navigate the uncertain pathways of finanial freedom and personal significance.

-Jerome Wade, CEO, The Epic Advantage


We use a reliable data-driven approach to understand your team dynamics, individual strengths, motivators, and operational styles.

Step 2: DESIGN


We work with you and your core team to customize a plan that will ensure you're motivating, engaging and retaining the best talent.

Step 3: DEPLOY

We provide support, coaching, and resources to assist you and your team to deploy stronger, more connected teams effectively and efficiently.

Our Agreement

We're committed to ensuring your success by empowering you to build Culture

that recognizes Opportunity leading to the meaningful

Results and Excellence you deserve.


You're the critical player of the culture of your organization and the engagement of your people. Therefore, our approach is to empower you to effectively influence your culture and get your people excited about working together and to grow your business.



Despite the influx of technology, leaders are finding it harder to understand, motivate, and fully engage their people. Our elite training provides a positve approach to better understand their people, bridge the gap in communication, and build stronger teams.


Susan is a performance and development strategist who uses stories of triumph and struggle to engage her audience. She translates self-awareness strategies into knowledge that businesses, large or small, can use to cultivate team culture that give profitable results.




Susan D. Swafford

As an U.S. Air Force veteran and team builder in the civilian sector, I’ve been trained in and have first-hand application of key strategies for individual and team performance to guide organizations in unleashing leadership capacity through consulting, coaching and training.

My passion for optimizing team engagement is deeply rooted in my 30 years’ experience, in diverse groups and unique settings, arming individuals, teams and leaders to bring out the best in people at every level of the organization.


It has been my goal to use these experiences to strengthen individual and team performance and satisfaction through personal development and action planning.



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