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Unlock Your Leadership Capacity 

Empowering leaders to bring out the best in people at every level of the organization

We remove the frustration out of selection and retention by empowering leaders to customize a plan to hire the best talent every time and to build high-performing, fully-engaged teams.

Three Step Process Plan

Our Process Plan is built around your needs, just as it should be.


We will meet with you to learn where the opportunities are to improve your hiring process, increase team synergy, and optimize engagement.

Step 2: DESIGN


We will work with you and your core team to help customize a plan that will ensure you're hiring and retaining the best candidates every time.

Step 3: DEPLOY

We will provide support, coaching, and resources to assist you and your team to hire the best and build a productive, cohesive team.


Your organization's success hinges on the effectiveness of its leaders. Our methodology combines proven systems to take the guesswork out of hiring. Our clients are able to best match people to the position, increase hiring success and job satisfaction, and decrease turnover.



People are the heartbeat of your business. With the right tools you can  create an environment that increases morale and ignites purpose and productivity. Every person is an asset that can contribute to a healthy bottom line when they communicate, cooperate, and interact in alignment.


Susan is a performance and development strategist who uses stories of triumph and struggle to engage her audience. She translates self-awareness strategies into knowledge that businesses, large or small, can use to cultivate team culture that give profitable results.



A U.S. Air Force veteran, performance and development strategist, speaker and graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Susan translates key performance strategies into knowledge that organizations can use to avoid low employee morale and engagement, lost institutional knowledge and skills, and employee distrust and turnover.

Susan D. Swafford